Photo from Fluo Night – Draftsmen’s Fest #6 – 28/06/2013, Istituto Svizzero di Roma

For this event the Second Draftsmen’s Congress was illuminated by UV lamps, and visitors were encouraged to paint on the walls using fluo colors: all the participants had a chance to dialogue with the existing drawings through a new level, added to those accumulated over the last few weeks. The atmosphere of the evening was enhanced by the musical selections of the Draftsmen’s Fest#6.
The Fluo Night celebrated the conclusion of the Second Draftsmen’s Congress.

Line up:

Photo from Fluo Night - Draftsmen's Fest #6 - 28/06/2013

Photo from “Ritus Posteritatis” performance of Laboratorio Teatrale Integrato Piero Gabrielli – 24/06/2013, Istituto Svizzero di Roma

How do young people imagine the future? In whom do they place their trust, and who do they fear? What difficulties and risks do they imagine when they think about tomorrow? And if these young people have disabilities, what changes? Laboratorio Teatrale Integrato Piero Gabrielli have approached, in the context of the Second Draftsmen’s Congress, the anguish and passions that pervade our time, putting our future “on stage.” Through drawing and a sequence of symbolic actions with the purpose of “playing” at propitiation of the future, the participants in the Second Draftsmen’s Congress have worked on a fantasy memory of tomorrow. Project curated by Roberto Gandini.

Photo from Laboratorio Teatrale Integrato Piero Gabrielli – 24/06/2013

Video from Synesthesia performance – 20/06/2013, via Liguria, 20 – Rome

Have you ever touched a color? During the workshop five bodies of artists who work in the world of burlesque have incarnated five different colors, offering the participates the possibility of experiencing a perception of hue and drawing of a different sensorial nature. Everyone have been able to draw on the bodies of the performers, which have become the place of chromatic manifestation and the space of expression. The artists, draftsmen and audience have experienced a contamination of the senses in perception, a synesthetic way of living colors, music, drawing and the living body.

Video from Synesthesia performance - 20/06/2013

Photo from Figure Drawing Workshop – 20/06/2013, Istituto Svizzero di Roma

The day of 20 June was set aside for life drawing, nudes and the body. During the afternoon at the Draftsmen’s Congress students from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome have practiced their skills, drawing two nude models.
The classic dynamic of the academic lesson has been redefined and revised in the framework of the Congress: starting with the famous nudes of the occidental art tradition, the participants have been stimulated to abandon canonical techniques and spaces – usually protected and individual – of life drawing. They have directly express themselves on the walls of the Congress, in an environment influenced by multiple, unpredictable and heterogeneous interventions of all the participants.

Photo from Figure Drawing Workshop - 20/06/2013